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About Chris Cotton and Maine Villa Cattery

My Name is Chris Cotton. I am a small Breeder of the Maine Coon line of cat in the Wadsworth, Ohio area (near Akron, Ohio). I was a very successful breeder of Persian Cats but recently have redirected my attention to my first love-the Maine Coon Cat. They are a very distinctive breed. The "Gentle Giants" of the Domestic Cats.

I have always loved felines and fell in love with the Maine Coon Cat. I am very dedicated to maintaining my line in the purest form in accordance to the Cat Fanciers Associations (C.F.A.'s) Guidelines. Thus maintaining the standards of the Maine Coon Cat.

Also, this successful breeding of my Cattery would not be possible if it wasn't for Willabelle Cattery - Steve Miller for Hailey the "13th best kitten at her first show",  TheCatHut Cattery- Geraldine Berry for Champion Sebastian and Maine Delite Cattery - Michelle Cole for Champion Mercedes ,  and assistance of several other breeders. Thank you all for your assistance and guidance I am learning a lot and will continue to learn with everyones guidance and expertise. Thank you all.

Our cats are homebreed and raised from kittens and belong to the family. They are a definite part of the integration in our family unit. Please don't hesitate to contact me about any questions.

As for me, I am a Registered Nurse who works in a busy Level One Trauma Center in the Emergency Room. Plus, I work in administration in another hospital. Recently I went back to school and finished my Bachelor's Degree in Applied Science in Nursing and hopefully will be attending a Nurse Practitioner School soon to continue my educational endevou'rs. I also have been involved in the Martial Arts for a number of years.

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